Conscious Collection

This design collection is a play at merging old with new and waste with raw materials. With this collection, we are showing you that you can use discarded items to make something beautiful. The durable feature of cement sacs makes for a great addition to leather bags, creating a hybrid product that will not only last you a lifetime but also inspire an up-cycle lifestyle. Walking down the streets of Addis, we all see construction site materials spilling onto the street. Our city is growing, so the side effects of urbanization are sure to arise. One common byproduct of construction is the staggering amount of cement bags that are discarded; once empty, they no longer seem to have any use. That inspired us to create something using these sacs. The material is sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear, and the woven nature touches on the cultural feature we try to incorporate into our bags. In the end, we asked ourselves, Why waste waste?

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